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My mission is to empower (you) service based female entrepreneurs to create your own personally branded profitable product ranges that entices your tribe!

I know you have invested your time and energy growing your following by creating content for your tribe that adds value. I know you have developed your own personal brand by taking action, working hard, developing yourself resulting in your own following of gorgeous like minded females.

Which is why it’s my mission to show you exactly how to leverage a second income stream by developing personal branded products you know your tribe wants and needs.

Ask yourself this.. Why stop at serving your audience with just your skills? Why not add even more value for your tribe?  By launching your own personal branded product range you are adding to your service, creating an additional income stream and strengthening your brand.

It’s a no brainer!

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Hello Gorgeous! My name is Melanie.

I am a mummy, a wife, an entrepreneur, a lover of fashion, a self confessed shopaholic, and a law of attraction fan!

My career in buying started 20 years ago, my first role saw me stepping into what back then was a new way of retailing.  Matalan was one of the early pioneers of off shore volume buying positioning themselves as a household name for out of town retail stores.   I was lucky enough (or hard working enough) to start travelling early in my career, I was responsible for huge budgets, buying volume as well as creating product ranges that contributed to the companies success.

Fast forward a few years.. (time flies when you’re having fun!)

My last position was the Head of Buying at Boohoo, a completely different animal.  A fast fashion Etailer requires a completely different skill set.  We operated on a 24 hour 7 days a week mentality.  It was fun fast and my first experience to working closely with entrepreneurs who created the boohoo brand.  I’m extremely proud of what I achieved, my team achieved and my colleagues.  From an unheard of online website when I first joined to floating on the stock market to become what I believe to be a leader in the fast fashion global market place.

I made the decision 3 years ago that whilst I loved my career it was time to step into the entrepreneurial world. My vision is to contribute to others successes, to share the knowledge and skills I have gained from a career that has been built from love.

I am passionate about product (I’m sure that is of no surprise!)

Melanie Brooks

Personal Product Strategist


Now is the time to create your additional income streams and strengthen your brand.  Book your discovery call so we can explore if we are a good match to work together

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Stand out from the crowd

What I can bring to your business is a wealth of experience.

I will combine my coaching skills, passion and experience of helping like minded women with a love of product which means you benefit from a unique approach in your business.

I am passionate about bringing another dimension to your brand.  It’s an exciting, fun way to develop and move forward.


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Melanies calm interpersonal skills , coupled with strong managerial vision direction is a rare yet aspirational quality. She is a key team player gaining respect from all levels. Melanie can both support and motivate whilst handling 'difficult' scenarios with ease. As a buyer she has a very commercial eye and ensured she kept up to date with the market and traded effectively. Mel was a key pillar towards the evolvement of the buying team covering everything from strategic vision to succession planning & team management. She can multi task with ease and agility. Stepping into a coaching role was the perfect next step for Melanie she will bring value, skills and a wealth of support to you.
Debbi Ball – Buying Director Boohoo,
Melanie is a fantastic coach and is 100% committed to helping all the women she works with achieve spectacular results. She uses a unique no nonsense but incredibly empathic approach that supports all her clients build incredible and life changing businesses. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend as a coach to any woman looking to build a strong and profitable retail business.
Anna May Terry- 6 Figure Entrepreneur,
Melanie Brooks is my business coach and now my friend. I had never ran a business before but the way that Melanie explains it puts you in a place were you really do believe you can do it. She's always there to answer my questions even when I've left it a little late at night. She has given me 100% support in my business. Melanie has a very calm approach and that has made my confidence and belief in myself grow. I couldn't ask for a better mentor x
Catherine Wright – Business Owner,


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