What if there was a way to be your own boss, choose your own hours and have a network of 24 hour support?

Would you like to decide what you were worth? Would you like to create your lifestyle of choices?

With a strong work ethic, a desire to be successful and a hunger for learning something new anything really is possible.

Melanie is a mum to 3 gorgeous children & 2 angel baby boys.  she has  a 2o year successful career in the Buying Industry,   Like many careers and demanding roles it came with a huge sacrifice on family time. 

It was in August 2014 that Melanie discovered a way to have it all.  With a great work ethic she has built her own home based business around her busy lifestyle. Melanie has exceeded her corporate salary by putting into action the accredited training.  She now helps a wide range of ambitious women and mums to create a lifestyle that is time rich with incomes that reflect their worth.




Network Marketing

Melanie is extremely passionate about the Network Marketing Industry. With more people wanting to take control of their future it is an amazing career to step in to.

“I love that everyone no matter what your background is starts in the same position when launching your business.  It means its an even playing field with no experience needed, it is then completely up to you how far you want to go in your business.  It’s exciting to see people achieve their goals and dreams with hard work.  This is what this industry has to offer.  Melanie”

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It’s true what they say.. when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work..

Melanie was focused on her career and chosen profession for many years. She has a passion for the Industry that has seen her climb the career ladder. Achieving the position of Head Of Buying for the UK’s if not Global’s Fastest growing fashion etailer.

It was the 6 years of working alongside the entrepreneurial owners that has given Melanie the drive to grab a new opportunity. It has enabled her to have a clear vision for her own  business that has now allowed her to work from home flexibly.

Like many mums things started to change when their first son arrived. Finding the balance between work and family time is always a difficult one to achieve. Melanie was lucky enough to be in a job she loved so accepted that she wasn’t going to be the mum at the school gates.   As her family grew and life experiences happened she became motivated to find something in the future that would give her more flexibility, time back and an income that reflected her vision.

Melanie knew a traditional business wouldn’t tick the boxes. She knew it would mean a huge financial investment as well as time which she didn’t have.  In 2014 Melanie came across an opportunity that had a  genius business model (in her words). With hard work alongside lazer light focus she knew it could give her time back in the future so she could be a mum at home with a successful business.

The rest is history..   Fast forward 2 years and Melanie has  a global company.  She has achieved this whilst they have had a new addition to their family arrive!.  Melanie has ticked off many of the company incentives which include an all expenses paid trip to Johannesburg in 2016 and Dubai in 2017.


profit share cheques

“My business has allowed me to develop new skills to grow and learn. I now understand the power of positive thinking.  Doors have opened that never would have been there had I stayed in employment.  So what is it I do now?    I help other like minded women and men who need a change to their work life balance. People like you and me who want to be the best they can be”

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