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  • You feel lonely building your brand, you would love to build meaningful friendships and business collaborations with like minded women.
  • You feel like you are wasting time going around in circles trying to figure out which steps you need to take next
  • You are struggling to find everything you need to learn in one place, you are flitting between youtube, free webinars, watching lives and you still feel stuck
  • You have so much passion, motivation and love helping others. You love being part of a community but haven’t found the right one for you (Yet! )

The Product Business Members Hub brings everything you need to create the success in your business together in one space.  The community of like minded women alone is priceless but the Hub goes one step further and brings you relevant, dedicated inspiration and training that productpreneurs like you need.

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The Self Study Marketing Course For Women Building Retail Brands


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empowering women..

My mission is to empower (you) fabulous female entrepreneurs who are passionate about products to create your own successful retail brands.

The Product Business Members Hub is the online community that will support you in building your business every step of the way.

We all have it within us to create our dream business, I’m here to help you Launch your product, Build your brand and scale your business.  All you need to bring is the commitment and persistency along with your very own superpowers (yes we all have them!)

There will always be challenges in your business and your life (whoever tells you otherwise is lying!) but my mission is to show the processes you can follow as well as the steps you can put into action that will stop the overwhelm or your head spinning.

I am here to share my industry knowledge of 20 years, my business experience that has allowed me to build 2 businesses from home flexibly around my family as well as the unique skills and personality that are all mine to share!  

I speak from experience when I say business can be lonely when we are doing everything ourselves which is why surrounding yourself with like minded women who get your challenges as well as celebrating your successes with you.

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Hello Gorgeous! My name is Melanie.

I am a mummy, a wife, an entrepreneur, a lover of fashion, a self confessed shopaholic, and a law of attraction fan!

My career in buying started 20 years ago, my first role saw me stepping into what back then was a new way of retailing.  Matalan was one of the early pioneers of off shore volume buying positioning themselves as a household name for out of town retail stores.   I was lucky enough (or hard working enough) to start travelling early in my career, I was responsible for huge budgets, buying volume as well as creating product ranges that contributed to the companies success.

Fast forward a few years.. (time flies when you’re having fun!)

My last position was the Head of Buying at Boohoo, a completely different animal.  A fast fashion Etailer requires a completely different skill set.  We operated on a 24 hour 7 days a week mentality.  It was fun fast and my first experience to working closely with entrepreneurs who created the boohoo brand.  I’m extremely proud of what I achieved, my team achieved and my colleagues.  From an unheard of online website when I first joined to floating on the stock market to become what I believe to be a leader in the fast fashion global market place.

I made the decision 3 years ago that whilst I loved my career it was time to step into the entrepreneurial world. My vision is to contribute to others successes, to share the knowledge and skills I have gained from a career that has been built from love.

I am passionate about product (I’m sure that is of no surprise!)

Melanie Brooks

Female Entrepreneur Passionate About Product


Stand out from the crowd

The Product Business Hub will bring a wealth of experience, training & support women inspirational women in retail

There is nothing like this online hub out there that is dedicated to empowering women to grow successful Retail businesses.

The Product Business Hub is an amazing way to bring a community together whilst giving you the opportunity to get the help, support and guidance you need with minimal investment packed with huge value

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Working with Melanie has been a game changer. I literally had no clue, lots of ideas but no idea about where to start in terms of making them real. I've wanted to develop a brand for as long as I can remember, so discovering Melanie could help me was beyond exciting! I had no idea how to source the bracelet, the packaging and how to make sure I launched a product that would sell and be in demand.   4 month's later I have just that! I knew she had integrity and she was someone I could trust. I also knew that she has a proven track record in a range of business areas. Working with Melanie is a great pleasure and it has grown my network so that I am collaborating with other like minded business owners too whilst my rose quartz bracelet brand grows. What I love is that Melanie has always got my back! I can't recommend working with Melanie enough!
Becky Rowe – RQ Inspired by Rose Quartz & Beautician,
Mel is super successful, professional and seriously knows her stuff. I contacted Mel to help me source and launch my own product range for my fitness business. Mel explained everything very well - her tips, advice and product launch structure has proved extremely valuable in driving my business to the next level. Thanks so much Mel. Highly recommended
Rosie Charles – Entrepreneur / Blogger,
Working alongside Mel has been an honour.  Her knowledge, professionalism and creativity is infectious. Her calm manner shouldn't be forgiven for weakness, she's a strong and savvy coach that has a way of bringing out the best in those she works with making you want to do and be more.  I couldn't recommend mel enough, with her vast experience and proven success you're guaranteed the ultimate support.
Emma Cooper – 6 Figure Profit Entrepreneur,
Melanies calm interpersonal skills , coupled with strong managerial vision direction is a rare yet aspirational quality. She is a key team player gaining respect from all levels. Melanie can both support and motivate whilst handling 'difficult' scenarios with ease. As a buyer she has a very commercial eye and ensured she kept up to date with the market and traded effectively. Mel was a key pillar towards the evolvement of the buying team covering everything from strategic vision to succession planning & team management. She can multi task with ease and agility. Stepping into a coaching role was the perfect next step for Melanie she will bring value, skills and a wealth of support to you.
Debbi Ball – Buying Director Boohoo,
Melanie is a fantastic coach and is 100% committed to helping all the women she works with achieve spectacular results. She uses a unique no nonsense but incredibly empathic approach that supports all her clients build incredible and life changing businesses. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend as a coach to any woman looking to build a strong and profitable retail business.
Anna May Terry- 6 Figure Entrepreneur,