I’m sat at my desk thinking.. the nice thing about it is that with 3 mini me’s ‘thinking time’ has to be scheduled and even when scheduled isn’t always possible!  So I’m savouring every minute of the silence and the time with myself. (highly recommended if you are a mama like me)

So I’m thinking about how I’ve always been a lover of product, the design, the concept, the sales, the branding, the negotiating.  Basically every little part. I get a buzz when a customer loves their purchase as well as a warm fuzzy feeling when I get my hands on a product I’ve created.

It’s not until about 3 years ago that I started to understand that not everyone feels this way about product or product based businesses. When I stepped out of my management retail buying role after 20 years and into the entrepreneurial world of coaching & mentoring I could see the huge growth that was happening in this industry as more females took control, owned their own empowerment to be the best version of themselves and support, help, coach other women.  But I could see there was a missing piece. I could see the growth in service based entrepreneurs who were ignoring an amazing additional income stream ..

Are You A Self Development Junkie Like Me?

I’m sure you’re like me and have read a gazillion development books, listened to audios, signed up to podcasts (you get my drift). One of the lessons I took from successful entrepreneurs was the need for multiple income streams.  It makes sense, if we are going to put ourselves out there with no safety net of a regular income, (job) then why not create more income streams?  Why the hell not!

Which is where product fits in perfectly, I could see the potential of successful service based entrepreneurs launching their own products that are in demand from their tribe that know, love & trust.  To grow a following, an email list, a facebook group you have to achieve that and if you’ve achieved that well then you’ve ticked off the first requirement of launching a product that is a success..  Knowing your audience.  I know you’re now thinking why the hell have I not launched my own product.

You see this is why I think you’re missing a trick in your business. Why wouldn’t you want multiple income streams, even if it feels like you’ll be out of your comfort zone.  You know that’s where the magic happens.

Lots Of love

Melanie xx

(passionate about product)