Well hello gorgeous lady!  I wanted to share this amazing tool because I know you’ll get so much from it.  This is perfect for you if you’ve been thinking about launching your own product BUT even though you’ve got ideas you’re just not sure if they are right for you.  Or maybe you can’t think of any because this is a whole new area for you.

I want you to get passionate about product just like me, which is why I’ve created the Product Idea Generator.  My clients absolutely love it because it gives them an amazing base to gain clarity. The PDF is also a brilliant way to brain storm in a strategic way which has to be a bonus!

The idea behind the Product Idea Generator is that you can explore all areas of ‘you’ whilst staying focused.  We are all multi dimensional, (it would be totally boring if we wasn’t!). So sometimes it can be hard to decide or think about which part of ‘us’ we want our products to reflect.

I’ve pulled together personality, expertise and passions into the generator, it’s so much fun plus great to do with a friend.  I would recommend working through by yourself then asking a friend to join you.  Sometimes we don’t always put down all the areas of what we are brilliant at or all the amazing parts about our personality.  This way you get a full and comprehensive view of you!

So enjoy gorgeous, get those creative juices flowing!  Let me know how you get on, I’d seriously love to hear what you have come up with.

To gain access to the document click here or on the links above or you can find me here on facebook or my website