Overwhelm can be crippling, it can be the one thing that will stop your business idea or business growth in it’s tracks.  The feeling is awful, it effects confidence, it gives power to those voices in our heads which tell us why we shouldn’t be focusing on our dreams and it creates kaos in our brains.

You know that feeling when you are trying to sort out what to do next but everything just feels like too much? At this point you stop and tell yourself it’s all to much so nothing gets resolved or done or you don’t make changes to stop the overwhelm and continue to drive yourself crazy!

Running 3 businesses, around our family of 5 is no mean feat! There are times overwhelm crops up for me but I now recognise my signs so I can take swift action.    It was whilst I was getting my businesses off the ground around my full time corporate role that I realised I needed some tools to help me keep organised.   I recognised that when I felt organised I stayed productive, when I was productive I was taking action which meant I was dealing with the overwhelm as I wasn’t standing still.

Still with me?!  I set out to develop the tools initially for myself but when the same feelings cropped up with my clients I shared the tools that had worked for me.    I now want to help more fabulous females get unstuck and fight the feeling of overwhelm too.

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Lots of Love

Melanie xx

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