I’m going to assume you have followed previous trainings of mine on the importance of the Research phase (vital before marketing your product) or you have proven you have a demand for your product you just haven’t mastered consistent sales in your business.

To sell a product in this noisy online space requires a robust marketing strategy.  9 times out of 10 the women who come to me for help want to sell more product and 9 times out of 10 their marketing strategy revolves around social media.

It isn’t enough. Long gone are the day’s of posting on a business page to get decent amounts of organic reach with sales coming from it.

It’s now vital to implement a marketing strategy that fits your brand niche.  Only by testing, finding where your ideal customers hang out (are they Instagram or Facebook fans?) can you start to develop a marketing strategy that is a good fit that you can scale.

The starting point is to implement a wide range of strategies that get in front of your ideal customers on a variety of platforms.

I’m going to share with you the 8 marketing strategies that have been highly effective in my own ecommerce brand.  The lifestyle box Co Plus I’ll be sharing case studies from the women who have completed The Market Your Product Accelerate Your Sales course so you can see first-hand the importance of moving away from stressing over social media posting and start to implement a marketing strategy that will give you levers to pull.

When you approach marketing in ecommerce with a one dimensional plan of attack it will leave you incredibly frustrated.  Facebook changing algorithms throws productpreneurs into a spin but ultimately you don’t own that space. Zuckerman can do whatever he likes, especially as in the whole Facebook and Instagram are free platforms we are building brands from.  

Social media has changed the face of marketing.  Yes it’s annoying BUT the alternative is magazine advertising (how the hell do you manage that ROI?!) Billboard advertising (not feasible for small brands) which then leaves, flyers, TV and Radio..

Looking at it like that will give you a different perspective and hopefully help you see that social media is just one part of the puzzle to marketing your business. 

The  7 Marketing Strategies You need in your business

  1. Social Media

I’ve established above social media is a great tool to leverage your brand but I urge you to stop ‘selling’ only from it.  It’s a social platform so focusing on your engagement rates, creating social proof within your community whilst also giving value whether that be fun, hot topics or information relevant to your niche will build your brand.

Taking this approach will build loyalty and trust which is priceless to brands.  Returning customers will bring the costs in your business down as it’s 7 times cheaper to keep a customer than acquire.


 Sarah grew her visibility buy following the Content Creation Module within the Market Your Product Accelerate your Sales course (link to  https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/) .  By understanding her engagement rates vs industry standard she was able to implement a plan of action that utilised Video to engage with her audience alongside live online event’s which so far have driven ‘best sales revenue day’s each time.

  1. Email Marketing

It’s the one platform you own.  Algorthm changes won’t impact your email list. It’s one of your most valuable assets when you build an email list in the right way.

With the right funnels and automation you will be able to nurture your potential customers whilst you are busy in other areas of your business.  

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the sales come in from your automated email funnels.

Abandoned carts account for up to 60% of last sales, that’s not just in small businesses that within the ecommerce industry. If you don’t have an abandoned cart sequence implemented in your business you are leaving money on the table.


  Sammie (link to https://indigofoxdesign.co.uk/)  had her best month in business following the month she completed The Email Marketing Module in my Signature Market That Product, Accelerate Your Sales Course (link to https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/) . It’s an area she knew she needed to expand in to but had been unsure how to implement and how to approach the email content along with the automated funnels. 

She is now ready to utilise more email marketing within her business

  “I got my FIRST sale from my email marketing today. I’m so happy 🎉”   Holly & ollie Founder.

Taking action and implementing what I teach in the Market Your Product Accelerate Your Sales course (link to  https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/) means you can celebrate those firsts!  Automated sales is what every ecommerce business owner should be tapping in to.

  1. Facebook Ad’s

There is no doubt that the ad space is becoming saturated with more people wanting to hit the jack pot by running ads.  It’s now more important than ever to have a strategy.  Running a purchase ad to a website that isn’t getting much traffic and a pixel that hasn’t stored enough data will cost you. Not only that, it is likely to get you poor results.  

Knowing what ads to run, how to set them up as well as developing your own strategy is the key to unlocking facebook ad success! 


   On the peg clothing (link here  https://www.onthepegclothing.co.uk/) Is a new exciting brand within a Niche that had a huge gap in the market.   The email marketing Module in my signature course, Market That Product, Accelerate Your Sales (link to https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/)  has taken the list from 0 to 457 in 3 weeks with sales already coming through.    For a brand that is less than 3 months old the results have meant there is a huge opportunity to scale further

  1. SEO

This is an area that can cause frustration. However for the long term growth of your business SEO is needed.  Who doesn’t want organic (free) traffic to their website.  All you have to do is then convert said traffic and voila you have sales!  The average ecommerce website converts at 2% which means you can work out how much traffic you need to generate to reach your revenue sales target.

Look at SEO as part of your income generating activities.  It takes time and needs commitment.  The starting point is identifying your long tail keywords which will position you on the right pages.  There is research work that has to happen coupled with monthly activity on your website to update blogs, keep product descriptions fresh and all images with alt tags.  Simple steps that will have an impact over time.

Yes it’s a long game but one that is totally worth it.  Leaving it because you are busy will only delay your google rank positioning

   SEO is a long term strategy however by implementing Long tail keywords, blogs with relevant topics for our audience and incorporating seo friendly copy on our website we have started to drive organic traffic and rank for our keywords in less than 7 months for The Lifestyle Box Co (link to www.thelifestyleboxco.com).   For example we rank 2nd for Lifestyle Subscription Boxes UK, ahead of competitors who have been operating longer than our new brand.  The Market Your Product Accelerate Your Sales Marketing course (link to https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/) for ecommerce business owners guides you through setting up SEO along with the steps you need to take to implement this marketing strategy in your business without the overwhelm


A completely under-utilised platform!  It’s a search engine so an amazing why to drive traffic. Approaching Pinterest like you would your SEO strategy will put you ahead of the game.  Pinterest users are 50% more likely to buy a product that they click from than Facebook users who are in a different mind frame as they are on there for social reasons not purchasing.

Again with Pinterest it’s having a strategy, one or two pins when you remember won’t make any difference BUT planning your pins on tailwind (or a tool that loves Pinterest) interacting in tribes as well as pinning your products with SEO keywords will allow you to grow followers, grow your unique views and ultimately lead to sales in your business.

  Stella Salon Owner Clare Parker-Doyle started the Market Your Product Accelerate your sales course (link to https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/)  with 150 monthly views. Clare took action and implemented what is taught in the modules. 8 weeks after starting she hit the 6.1K monthly views and is on track to hit 10000 unique view’s before the year is out. 

This resulted in £700 of sales from her second month using Pinterest showing the power of this platforms search engine traffic.

  1. Blog/Video

Video is a powerful tool to help you get your brand visible. It’s now one of the ways Facebook determines visibility on your posts. They favour live videos to interact with your network.  More and more brands are using video content in their ad’s as well as within their social media day to day posts.   

  1. PR 

PR is a powerful strategy to tap in to. Knowing where to start is the key with this one because it doesn’t require expensive agencies to get you started.   Think about your story rather than what you are selling as that is the approach journalists will be looking for.

Before you tell me you don’t have a story, I’m going to tell you, YOU DO! 

What is your background? Why did you decide to launch your business? What feelings does it evoke for your customers? Why is your product different?  We all have a story to tell, what a journalist is looking for is stories’ that will connect, resonate and interest their readers.

The Market your Product, Accelerate Your Sales Course (link to https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/)   has a module dedicated to PR from my one experiences of getting featured;

Cheshire Life covered a 3 page spread from our pitch plus a recommended agency who know their stuff and are accessible for small businesses. Ok Magazine and The Independent feature!

PR brings social proof, credibility and a wider audience reach. Don’t miss this important step from your marketing.


 RQ inspired Bracelets (link name to https://www.inspiredbyrosequartz.com/ increased their followers by 250+ within 5 hours of the feature going out. For a new brand to gain a new audience with social proof and credibility is important.   Growing your audience reach so that you can nurture into customers is what marketing is about. Leveraging Influencers, bloggers as well as traditional magazines and newspapers is a highly effect way of marketing.

You have got to this point and now know you need a robust Marketing Strategy In your business to help you get your product and brand visible which turn’s into sales.  Marketing an ecommerce brand solely using one of the above marketing strategies would be not only difficult it will waste precious time.

Implementing each of these marketing plans step by step is what gets results for my clients.  There is nothing stopping you taking action now for yourself using this article as a guide or get access to Market Your Product, Accelerate Your Sales Self Study Course (link to https://www.melaniejbrooks.com/market-product-course/) today.