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Physical Product Business Expertise

Launching your own product or running your own business is so rewarding, it's exciting to see your dream come to life which is why I'm excited to have you here!

I know how it feels because I've built my own successful product businesses and my own service based business and still have that buzz when I come up with new ideas and goals to keep moving my businesses forward.


Launching product or running your own product business can also be totally overwhelming. Feeling stuck at any point in your business is not only dis heartening it's also draining on your mindset. Again I've been there!

You maybe at the stage where you have realised you 'don't know what you don't know'. There are pieces of the puzzle that you need help finding, understanding and fitting into your business. Which is exactly where I come in.

With over 20 years experience of launching products, developing brands, finding solutions to challenges in business I can help you in all areas of your business.

As entrepreneurs and business owners we are doing everything ourselves. The hustle is real and the juggling will hit an all time high. When you have someone to bounce idea's off, share your challenges and learn from it empowers you to move your business forward.

My 3 month coaching package is designed to move you and your business forward in a positive, fun way that helps you learn as well as develop your skills too.

I help women just like you who have amazing ideas but are stuck on taking action. Women who don't want to guess the next steps but want the exact steps that have created success.

I have designed this 1 on 1 coaching programme so we get to decide together what you need to hit your goals.

Whether that be a product business start up, a product business that needs help or a service based entrepreneur wanting to create new income streams.


Let me make it clear.. You have the power to create an amazing, creative business for yourself.
I’m hear to help you make this happen by supporting you with strategy, clarity, plans of action, knowledge on the how


When you are working in your business it’s hard to create Strategy or gain clarity to move your business forward, it can feel impossible to stand out from the crowd against your competition or get those amazing ideas out of your head and into action plans.

Working with me you get to put your best ideas into action.


The 1 on 1 coaching package is unique. It allows you to invest in yourself and build your business on so many different levels.
From Product developing, Sourcing, Business Strategy, How to launch, How to create marketing campaigns, Facebook Advertising. Yes! I cover everything from start to finish of product businesses.

You will bring a new dimension to your business by learning everything you need to know about launching a product that is personally branded, aligned with your brand and serves your tribe!

For those of you ready to take action in your new business we grow your tribe together, launch your product that serves a targeted audience.


Hey Gorgeous!

I’m passionate about product ( I’m sure by now that’s no surprise!).  I know by now you will have some idea of my buying background but I wanted to remind you just how much product has been part of my life and why I can coach you to success launching your very own product/s;

Created my own 6 figure Revenue Business as an entrepeneur

I have a bachalors degree in Design studies. (Fashion, Graphics, Cultural and business studies)

15 years Off shore buying experience.  Some of my trips would be 3 weeks long, I loved the different cultures and city vibes I would get to experience! Yes I’m a lucky girl! (HK is my crazy city love, Singapore is my relax and mediate place, India was just all about having fun!)

The first product range I bought was socks and hosiery, oh how I loved every minute! Since then I have bought lingerie, nightwear & swimwear, ladieswear, children’s accessories for well known high street retailers

Launched my buying career with Matalan at a time the UK High Street was changing as out of town retail sites were following the american trend.

My last position was the Head of Buying for boohoo. It was a fast, fun and furious 6 years with extrordinary growth. We launched new product categories, built a buying team from nothing launched in new countries around the globe. It was an amazing experience to be part of the growth.

I love to craft my own products from tiaras to handmade invites. I go through phases of spending time making, creating and crafting just for my own pleasure. (It usually results in friends or family finding out and orders coming in!)

I bring to the table;

Project Management Skills

Time Management Expert (I created my first business around 3 children and a 40 hour per week corporate career at management level!)

De risking your product launches with 20 years inside industry knowledge

Brand Creation



Knowledge, industry skills and my own unique input. I've made mistakes so you can learn from them as well as the wins.

STEP BY STEP support

Anything is possible.. It sometimes doesn't seem like it when you are doing it alone. Taking that step forward with someone who has your back.

MY TOOLS & Top Tips

The worksheets and downloads are all industry documents that high street buyers use to be efficient, organised and pro active.


It's always good to have someone to talk to who has done it. I'll know what your feeling which means can help you keep moving forward.


We are Multi Dimensional Beings with the opportunity to create multi dimensional businesses.  Over the 6 months we will work together on the areas that you need.  You are unique which is why my 1 on 1 coaching packages are not one dimensional.

The areas you get to choose to cover are as follows but not exclusive to;

PRODUCT VISION – Your income goals & your WHY

YOUR SERVICE BASED BUSINESS –  Are you creating the profit reflective of your efforts

IT’S ALL ABOUT HER – Getting underneath your audience, what products would truly excite her.  What are her needs, wants and what is important to her

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU – What product ideas make your heart sing, identifying your unique selling proposition.  Taking action from the product idea generator

SEXY SOURCING – Creating a sourcing plan, making initial contact through to placing your order.

COMPETITION TIME – Tools to help you set your price points, looking at your competition so you can offer value to your tribe. (How the retail brands do it)

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS – Step be step guide to your Profit margins. Understanding the shipping costs, packaging and cost price of your product.   How to launch a profitable product.

FULFILLMENT OPTIONS – Where, when and how your stock will be managed. The process is all about creating ease.  It’s a hands off approach so you aren’t doing the work.

MARKETING PLAN – You will need the time to get your shizzle together. Plan your super sized product launch, imagery and social media content. It’s getting real!

HOW TO SCALE YOUR BIZ – You are product launch ready! It’s important to know how to scale up, how to de-risk your supply chain, how to create more profit in your product when re-buying. How to expand your product range profitably.

LIST BUILDING & FUNNELS – Creating profitable advertising campaigns

WEBSITE & BRAND – Creating websites and branding your customers will love



YES! It's for you IF...

1) You need strategy in your business and your life. You want your vision to become a reality. Sharing your ideas, working through the pro's and con's, creating a plan with someone who totally get's you is a dream of yours..

2) You want to launch your own Personally Branded Products & get excited about multiple INCOME STREAMS..

3) you want to GROW your knowledge in new areas. You embrace self development.


5) You want to LEVERAGE YOUR TIME and effort you have already put into building your business

6) You want to move fast, are feeling stuck but not sure where the pain points are in your business or idea

7) You have a business idea and want a business BFF, you recognize the power of accountability and are serious about stepping out of the fear holding you back.

8) You have a business, you're ready to scale up but you need help with one of the areas. whether that is facebook ad's and list building or sourcing to improve profits. We work on the areas that will uplevel your business




EMAIL ACCESS for when you need that extra support

The tools, workbooks and 20 years of industry knowledge being given to you. You are unique as is your personalised product, any additional tools or resources you need.

Client's Results..

Helen Palmer – Entrepreneur and Owner of Emily Wild Jewellery

Since coming up with my idea for my Wellness & Adventure jewellery brand last year I began to hear more about business coaches but thought it was something that was out of my reach. I found Melanie on another site that I was part of & immediately connected, Melanie was super approachable & guided me by ensuring my focus was on areas of my business in which I could move forward with each step where I would otherwise stagnate.

Not only was Melanies knowledge and approach on sourcing suppliers and marketing my product beneficial she gave me confidence that my product was achievable –

Melanie gave me a different point of view & I am aware on areas where I need to improve in my own skills. Finding Facebook advertising pretty confusing, Melanie had immense patience and hands on expertise tweaking and linking my campaigns.

Making herself readily available whilst I was doing serious head scratching at strange hours of the day! Melanie has held my hand from where I had just an array of ideas right through to launch where I have so much confidence and passion for my brand and business – I heard others say it, and now I say it too, I wasted so much time and money trying to build a brand myself, I’m happy I took the leap of faith as I see my time with Melanie as a worthwhile investment.

The Emily Wild Jewellery brand is so much more than jewellery.  I’ve loved working with Helen who has kept her vision, the brand values and quality that you’ll see in her products.

If you don’t have an Emily Wild Bracelet yet you need one!

Lanna Hussain  – Certified Crystal Healer, Reike Practioner & Crystal Retail business.

When I started working with Melanie I had been running my business for a year. I had built it up, got it running and then it had suddenly dropped and I was free-falling without an idea of what had happened to make it all stop, or how to get it back on track.

Of course with the synchronicity that is life, I saw Melanie’s post in a group and we got chatting. She was so nice, and so aware of working with intuition, which is a huge part of my business, and had such fantastic tips and knowledge that I decided to sign up for her 1:1 sessions.

We’re now 9 sessions in and my business isnt recognisable. I have a brand, I have an online presence, a following and I am building from strength to strength. The systems I would have had no clue on how to put together are in place, I have been kindly guided with a kick up the arse when neccessary (I requested this because I know how I can avoid doing things) and I have really moved mountains in the last couple of months.

*Brand Creation

*Creating online crystal courses

*Creating and implementing a marketing strategy to get me and my retail shop visible

*Growing my Crystal Sales

Thanks to Melanie I now feel I have a fully fledged business with legs to succeed in the future and reach highs I had hoped for, but had no idea how to reach. With Melanie you will get fantastic industry knowledge, know how, tips, tricks and shortcuts alongside a kind soul who really cares about her clients and wants them to succeed. Thank you for all you have helped me achieve Melanie xx

If you are like me and love the power of Crystals, Lanna is an expert in her field.  You can get to know her and experience her super powers by joining her group here

Denise Martinez Rossini – Universal Magic Guru

I would recommend anyone who wants to take their business to another level to work with Melanie.

She fully understood my needs and gave so much input with new ideas to increase my client base and move my business forward.
Her authenticity in her mentoring is just wonderful and she puts you at ease immediately when working with her.
I wouldn’t have been able to get all ‘the technical side of my business done without her. I know her continuing mentor support guarantees success for me.she is just a joy to work with.

From creating a website for my membership programme, setting up functional funnels and targeted facebook ad’s.  Everything I needed to grow an online business.

Denise is a Numerology Expert.  Her knowledge extends to business, numerology, angel cards & Crystals.   If you haven’t experienced an numerology Reading I highly recommend. Head over to.. or Denises group

I remember the first time I was investing in myself by working with a coach. I was scared, I was worried I wouldn't be able to create the business I wanted but I also knew that to move forward, create the life of our dreams, step into my power I had to take action. It's time to take action lovely lady. The alternative is staying where you are... and I know that's not for you.

Much Love