STRUGGLING with knowing what Marketing Strategies to implement in your Retail business?

FRUSTRATED and feeling your brand is invisible?

PANIC that you’ll never get your marketing converting to sales?

UNHAPPY with your marketing results?

OVERWHELMED with your growing to do list?

CONFUSED about where on earth to start?

ALONE in trying to figure it all out yourself?

Are You Ready To Market Your Product Successfully?

Then The Self Study Market Your Product, Accelerate Your Sales Course Is For You!

A Day In The Life Of A Productpreneur isn’t always easy…

You know you need Marketing in your business, you just don’t know where to start.  You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel you can’t get off.

One day it’s facebook ad’s you’re going to master the next day it’s email marketing.   The problem is you spend more time trying to figure out how to do it than you do implementing it in your business.

Sound Familiar?

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Now I don’t have a magic wand, nor can I guarantee million pound sales in 10 days! (There’s some Crazy Claims floating around the online world at the moment)

What I can guarantee is that I can teach you how to implement the 5 marketing strategies that will get you results.

Not only am I going to give you that, I have teamed up with another expert to make sure you have the right mindset to skyrocket your product business success

Create a business that gives you results for years to come, that is sustainable, scalable and profitable.

Imagine this, your very own sustainable, scalable, profitable product business that gives you results for years to come so you can enjoy your success, enjoy more time & freedom.

The Winning Formula You Need In Your Product Business Right Now.

Mindset + Knowledge + Skills + Action = Success!

Without any one of those you will not achieve the results you deserve & desire.


Which is why I’ve created the Market Your Product, Accelerate Your Sales Blue print.


I am going to be giving you proven marketing strategies that are going to take your business to a new level. WHICH will support your mindset as you grow in confidence to take action instead of feeling stuck.


Your product business success will be so much quicker when you absorb knowledge from someone who’s been there and done it.

I successfully run my own ecommerce business, The Lifestyle Box Co with my business partner.  In less than a year in less than part time hours we are on track to achieve a 6 figure revenue business by implementing the Marketing Strategies I share In this course.

My career spans 20 years in the retail buying & business sector sector.  Responsible for multi million pound product ranges, seeing year on year growth and profitability along with strategic action that has seen the brands I have worked with go from family run companies to multi million pound global brands.

Natasha also has a successful product avenue to her business, which generated 35K in its first 8 months and was the first step towards the six-figure business she has today.


In this course you will be learning the exact marketing and mindset skills and strategies that has established my product business as the fastest growing Lifestyle subscription Box, as well tripling Natasha’s business in 7 months.

The course is designed to lean new skills as well as enhance your existing skill set.

  • You will gain skills that will see you implementing effective facebook Ad’s without wasting anymore time or money.
  • Email marketing will become a way to grow your revenue and engage with your ideal customers
  • Pinterest is a search engine you will tap into to drive traffic that converts to your website

The skills you take from this course will stay with you for a life time.


Imperfection action is my mantra, I’ve took my knowledge and skill from a corporate career into the online ecommerce world for female product business owners.   Overwhelm, not knowing what to do next stops so many women achieving greatness.

I have designed the course so that you not only learn you take action!

I’m here to give you the full package.

Join The Market Your Product, Accelerate Your Sales Course

Market Your Product, Accelerate Your Sales Course

The Course Includes;

Module 1 – Uncover the Marketing strategies you are missing from your      business (no more secrets!)

Module 2 – Content Creation.  Run Social Media with success

Module 3 – How to list build that results in sales (email templates that convert plus the tech piece of setting it up)

Module 4 – How to run effective Facebook ad strategies for product businesses.

Module 5 – How to Drive Free traffic to your website part 1 (Seo)

Module 6 – How to Drive free traffic to your website part 2 (pinterest)

Module 7 –  How to turn website visits into website sales

Module 8 – Your Power PR plan. How to use PR to generate sales in your business

What They Have To Say!

Sammie Byrne

Indigo Fox

Melanie’s course came along at exactly the right time whilst I was searching for ways to increase my business.
One of the things I knew I should be doing is email marketing, and something I had been meaning to get around to for ages. One of the modules in Melanie’s course covers exactly this and with a step by step guide I have set up a Mailchimp account, created a freebie, a landing page, implemented a series of automated emails and gone from 0 to 130 subscribers in just a few weeks.  With only a few days of the month left, this is now my most successful sales month ever in my business driven by the email marketing module and has replaced the income I would have received from my job.
My social media followers and interaction have shot up, just from having more of a focus on marketing my business.
Melanie is so approachable, and breaks things down into easy to understand steps, she’s easy to ask questions to and talks to people without all the jargon that no-one understands!  Having the facebook group is great to be able to learn about the businesses of the other course participants and bounce ideas around if you are stuck.
I’m now excited to implement even more of the new strategies that I have learned, around Facebook Ads in particular and have so many more ideas for how to take my business forward. Thanks Melanie!
Melissa G

The Glambassadors Resort Wear

WOW!! Where to hell to start?!
I have learnt so much from Melanie’s Marketing to success course that in a short 8 weeks -it feels like a years worth of learning, I could have never learnt and implemented everything I have to launch my business the way I have without this course. It would have taken me years on my own.

Away with the jargon nobody understand,  Mels workshop of videos, handbooks and live Q&As make everything seem completely do-able and by yourself in your own time & speed.
That’s the beauty of it!!
What could be better than literally knowing your business inside out, front to back of house.

I have learnt everything from working out what marketing strategies will work best for my business, and in what order, how to design and implement them and how to understand what works best, to do more and leave behind what doesn’t.
I’ve learnt how to understand how and what your customer wants to be able to serve her to build the know like and trust factor that will ultimately turn to sales, and learnt that sell sell sell will not.

I’ve looked at thing and done things I would have never thought were even possible, building back links, landing pages, built a website from scratch!?
Learnt that Pinterest IS A sales channel avenue?! what?!

And I’ve learnt how important networking is!
Although I’m known for my love of talking I always found it hard to start the conversation?
Why would they want to talk to me?
What would I even say?

Now I know they do and I’ve learnt how to work with other businesses strengths so that we both benefit, again resulting in a wider reach and sales. And this was just from being in a group, I wouldn’t have learnt this in a 1-2-1 or doing it alone!!
When I started this course I honestly thought I would just be learning how to market the product I loved to create and I am somehow falling (more) in love with the whole new side I have learnt along the way to marketing, network, serve and sell to my customer!!

I would 💯 recommend Melanie and her courses to anyone with an idea to scaling your business. She has a HUGE breadth of experience from product creation to gaining and converting those visitors to sales, and she has had the dedication and patience of a saint with each and everyone of us crazy ladies in our group.

I will be continuing to recommend her and I look forward to working with Melanie again (once I’ve got everything I can out of these lifelong modules) DONT WAIT LIKE I DID!! Xx 💖

Clare Parker-Doyle

Stella Salon (Hair Products)

I highly recommend the Product Hub and the Marketing Course, infact I cannot recommended it enough! Is there an option for 6 stars instead of 5?

After working in the service industry for over 20 years, I was very nervous about learning and developing my skills for products.

I joined Melanie’s group on facebook hoping for a few tips, but what I have learnt has accelerated my business in so many ways including sales!

When the product marketing course came available I jumped at the chance! It covers a range of not only front of house but back of house information to make sure all social media and links work to maximise sales.

The videos, talks, workbooks and guest speakers have been amazing and have brought real value and understanding to me.  I am a great teacher but a terrible student lol but I even forgot about that with this course.

Melanie is a joy to work along side and is always available for a good brain picking session as well as a good natter and makes me feel at total ease about my lack of knowledge on products.  The wealth and breadth of Melanie’s knowledge and experience shines through and you should always listen when she speaks!

I would recommend Melanie’s group and courses to anyone, in fact I have already, and the amount of knowledge, skills learnt and value of the information gained far outweigh the price of the courses.

Thank you Melanie for all you have done already and for everything you have taught me so far.  I look forward to staying in the group and learning more everyday.


£360 = One Time Full Payment

£250 x 2 installments

Looking for 1 to 1 support? Add 3 x 1 to 1 sessions with me to help you build the strategy, accountability so you take action with the course.
Course and 3 x 1 to 1 sessions = £997

This Is For You If;

  • You are ready to learn how to implement ecommerce marketing strategies that will transform your business
  • You are tired of stopping yourself from reaching your true potential
  • You are ready to reset your subconscious mind for business success
  • You know the importance of marketing but don’t know where to start
  • You have marketing understanding and you’re ready to take that to the next level
  • You are passionate about your product/brand with big visions to share it with the world!
  • You are ready to take action by not just learning the How but implementing everything you learn
  • You are an action taker with a passion for product